Search Engine Optimization

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Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) helps in improving organic traffic to your website. There are so many thing to do to complete.

For Search Engine Optimization we have to take care the 3 following things, 1.Quality of traffic. 2.Quantity of traffic and 3. Organic Traffic.

How it works

Search engines like Google and Bing used to gather the information available over the internet on different websites. Search engines gather information about all websites through crawlers. Search engine rank those website high who content is matches their algoritham with high quality, quantity and organic way. 

Learning and apply

These days every one want to rank their website on number one. All are ready to pay as well to google and other search engines who are running campaign to bring traffic to their sites.

SEO is very vast, and it becoming hard day by day with the change of algoritham by search engine.

Now it seems that you need to learn and work daily and weekly basis to get updated and do best to rank your site.

Taking SEO friendly website name

Experts of SEO prefer to have the name of the website or word that should be related to the niche or topic of your website. 

Write quality content

Quality of the content is matter allot these days after google changed to new algoritham. Search engine crawlers check the content of the website related to specified niche and give rank afterwards.

Doing on page SEO

On page SEO helps to rank a web page in a search engine when all following parameters are met:

  1. Page Title having keyword
  2. Header and sub headings
  3. Meta description in specified number of words.
  4. Keyword in page URL
  5. Alt Text of the Image having same key word.
  6. Internal relevant links in the webpage
  7. External relevant links in the page.
  8. Quality content with an ease to read.
  9. Mobile friendly website.


Doing off page SEO

Actions and work done outside of the website to rank the website in search engines is called off page SEO.

This is basically linking or get links from reputed websites of same niche or topic and sharing website or pages with other people on social media.

The purpose of off page seo is also the same i.e to get traffic and visitor to your webpage or site to get sales.

Update Robot.txt

All website admins have to create the robot.txt to get the website rank. By default there is no file in available.

SEO bot (robots) used to crawl all pages by default is there no file robot.txt available. With the help of Robots.txt we allow and disallow search engines robot to crawl or not to crawl certain pages and director.

Robots.txt also minimize the chances of website to get hacked.

Adding sitemap

A xml sitemap file helps in SEO as well, as shows the website pages and directory in sequence to the SEO crawlers.

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