Industrial Training in English Speaking and Call Centre Training

Module of English Speaking and Call Centre training

Part 1

Leaning basics

Work on pillars parts

  1. Controlling your self and setting aims : Developing self-management skills requires a certain level of self-awareness—you need to know yourself before you can regulate yourself. Start slow and embrace the process, remembering that these skills are ongoing.
  2.  Vocablury : Vocabulary is the most important part of learning any language. If you have any desire to communicate in foreign language you want a vocabulary, you should be know at least basic grammar. Without learning words and building vocabulary all your work to further develop your English will be futile.
  3. Writing : Writing is one of the most important skills English as a second language students should dominate, especially for understudies and working experts. Many specialists would go as far to express that without the essential information on English understanding abilities and English composing abilities, one’s profession life would be incapacitated. Contact us to know more
  4. Reading : Reading in English is a powerful strategy to improve your English skills.There are two types of reading that you can use to advance your English language skills: extensive reading and intensive reading. Extensive reading means to read a variety of material. Intensive reading on the other hand helps you to understand the structure of English.
  5. Listening : Listening improves the imagination and vocabulary of a learner. While listening we used to visualize the scene and memorize in our memory.
  6. Group discussion List : A group discussion usually has a primary aim – such as debating an idea, persuading, etc. Groups can be small (a few people) or large (such as a whole classroom). Group discussions are important as they encourage teamwork and allow students to improve their speaking and listening skills.

Part 2

  • Introduction to call center : A call center is a centralized office that handles large volumes of inbound and outbound telephone calls. They usually handle customer support requests for large organizations and businesses.
  • Essential Soft skills : Improving essential soft skills in the workplace is important for new employees, seasoned managers, and job candidates embarking on a career search. Soft skills in the workplace that employers are seeking the most are essential requirements for working, learning, and leading at your best.
  • Accent Neutralization : Accent neutralization is the process of identifying and understanding the subtle differences that occur when non-native speakers of a particular language use another language. There are often regional inflections or dialectical influences apparent in the speech.
  • Preparation for a job Interview : Preparing for an interview can be nerve-wracking, but with the right mindset and a few key strategies, you can set yourself up for success. Whether you’re applying for your dream job or just looking to improve your interview skills.
  • Personality Enhancement : Personality development is defined as the development process that enhances the personality, attitude, behavior, and making unique from the crowd.
  • Mock Sessions : Mock interview is a training exercise that simulates a job interview, it is a practice interview that, as nearly as possible, resembles a genuine interview.
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