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Video Marketing

Video Marketing is more important part of Digital Marketing these days as I helps in creating and establishing the brand. These days most of the user spent more than 60% of their time in more watching videos. Video can be of any category i.e. product review, movies, motivation and so on. Video marketing helps in increasing the audience even posting on social media or other platform.

Video enables companies to connect with customers in a more visually engaging and interactive way.

You can showcase product launches, events, and special announcements, as well as provide educational content and testimonies.

YouTube and Vimeo are the most commonly used platforms for sharing and advertising videos.

Pre-roll ads (which are shown for the first 5–10 seconds before a video) are another way digital marketing managers can reach audiences on video platforms.


Benefits of Video Marketing

Conversion rate is very high

Recent survey shows that every customer before buying any product used to see review  videos. Which convert the potential lead in to customer. 

SEO works great for videos

Search engine used that visitor time spending on each and every content. Videos keep in engaging the customers more, which help them to rank more. Video can also helpful to rank website more in google if we put video link or video on website as well apart from YouTube or other sites

Video helps in building brand and trust quickly

Customer love to watch helping video before buying a product. If a company selling something and sharing the video in detail how to use and pron and cons of using the product. It will help in creating a brand  and trust with the customers.

Sharing of video is more on social media

Vidoes are easy to share and easy to attract attention of viewers. That’s why whose so ever like the video is used to share the same in his friend list. This helps easy circulation to the vast number of prospects quickly and chances of sales increase.

Easy to use in marketing and easy to watch

We can use video in most of the format of online marketing. Either we can add video in blog page, or upload video on social media like Facebook or we can share video on whatsapp., we can also send small video in emails to customers.

Tools for Video Marketing

  1. Youtube
  2. Vimeo
  3. Google+
  4. Hulu
  6. Viddler
  7. Magisto
  8. Facebook
  9. Instagram
  10. Snapchat
  11. Grabyo
  12. fiverr
  13. Twitter




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