Digital Marketing in Industrial Training

Digital Marketing in Industrial Training

Contents of  Digital Marketing Industrial Training

Introduction to Digital Marketing : Defining digital marketing, how is it different from traditional marketing and why is it relevant now.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) : Techniques used to optimize any article, website, or blog for traffic & revenue generation.

Social Media Marketing : Using different social media platforms (Facebook/Instagram/Twitter) to connect with the audience & convert them to a call of action (purchase or form filling).

Search Engine Marketing : Techniques used to increase the visibility of your webpage on Google search results (SERP); Search engine marketing mostly revolves around paid search advertising (text-based ads that are visible on top of every search result).

Web Analytics : Analyzing the behaviour of visitors to a website through reports based on traffic sources, referring sites, page views, and conversion rates of that website.

E-Commerce Management : Maintenance of an online product-listing website through product keyword research, product pricing, positive reviews, and customer retention.

Planning and Creating a Website : How to create a website on WordPress and later use website analytics to track the behaviour of visitors to a website.

Email Marketing : How to create and send product-based emails in bulk, and ensure that all of the emails have a good open rate and conversion rate.

Content Strategy : How to create content that matches the user intent and also your business goals.

Affiliate Marketing : Generation of traffic via a third party (company/website). The third party is paid a commission fee to drive traffic to your website

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