How to Start a Google My Business Business in Less Than 5 Minutes!

What is Google My Business?

Google Business Profile is frequently referred to as Google My Business. The Google Business Profile is a free business listing provided by Google. Images and information about your business’s location, services, and products can be included.

Organizations and associations might have the option to deal with their web-based presence across Google, including Search and Guides, with the assistance of Google My Business, a free and straightforward device. You will check your business and alter your business data to help clients in tracking down it and to recount to them about your story.

Making this free profile is a savvy procedure for expanding your presence across all Google administrations. Information from your Google Business Profile might be shown in Google Search, Google Guides, Google Shopping, and Google Control center.

A Google Business Profile must be made by organizations that have a site and need to communicate with clients.

organizations that offer types of assistance by meeting with clients and those that have an actual presence (like a café or store). Some fall under this class, similar to handymen or advisors.

Other Google advances, similar to research Advertisements, should be utilized. Like Google Investigation assuming that your business just works on the web.

Why a Google My Business account is necessary

Find success in Google (and Google Maps)

Whether or not you’re searching for web traffic or pedestrian activity, Google is the best inquiry referrer. A Google Business Profile improves its probability. At the point when individuals search for comparable items and administrations in their space, they will go over your business.

Involving the data in your Google My Professional resource, potential clients can find your organization. A Google Business Profile likewise assists with nearby Web optimization.

particularly when clients use Google Guides to find organizations close by. All things considered, a posting for a neighborhood business will show up.

Manage the information for your online business.

Your contact information can be managed and changed by you. In your Google My Business profile, include information about your company’s hours and any other essential details.

Updates can be used to announce new services, temporary closures, or complete reopenings. a feature that is especially helpful in times of emergency, like COVID-19).

due to the fact that Google Business Profiles feature efficient local SEO. Your data will be ranked higher than those from other websites. That may contain out-of-date data.

Create trust by reading reviews

Social proof is incomplete without reviews. a significant strategy for enhancing trust and credibility.

Customers are free to provide any amount of information. Using Google’s combination of star ratings and space for in-depth evaluations, you can tell your customers as much as they want about their interactions with your company. All of it helps customers now and in the future make a decision. which businesses to visit and what products to purchase.

It can be unsettling to think that reviews will appear on such a public platform. because you cannot select which Google My Business reviews to submit. However, as we will explain in a moment, you are able to respond to all reviews.)

Google, however, advises not to be concerned. A mix of positive and negative reviews is more trustworthy than pages and pages of glowing testimonials.

Creating a Google Business Profile

Step 1: Log in to Google Business Profile Manager

You can access Google Business Profile Manager right away. when you already have a Google account. If not, you can either create a brand-new Google account or use the credentials you already have.

Step 2: Include your company

Enter your company’s name. If your company is not listed in the drop-down menu, click Add to Google. After selecting the category that best describes your business, select Next.

Step 3: Say where you are.

If you have a physical location that customers can visit, select Yes. Then include the address of your business. You might be asked to put a marker on a map to indicate where you are. If your company provides in-person services or delivery but does not have a physical location that customers can visit, you can specify your service areas. then click Next.

Google will ask you to select the region in which you are headquartered in the absence of a physical location. Click Next after selecting your options.

Step 4: Enter your contact details.

Enter your company’s phone number and website address so that customers can get in touch with you. If you do not want to be contacted by phone, you do not need to provide one.

Click Next once your information is complete.

Step 5: Confirm your company.

Do not use a post office box; instead, enter your actual home address. This information is not visible to the general public in your Google Business Profile; It is used to confirm your company.

After entering your address, select Next. You will be presented with the appropriate options for validating your account. Physical businesses will need to receive a postcard in the mail to verify their location. Email addresses can be used to identify service businesses.

After receiving your five-digit code, enter it at and select Verify or Verify business.

A confirmation screen indicating your verification will appear. Click Next on that screen.

Step 6: Customise your profile

Include images, information about your company, the hours of operation, and your preferred message formats. We will go into greater detail about optimizing the content of your profile in the section that comes after this one.

Click Continue when you are prepared. The Business Profile Manager dashboard will be where you are.

You have control over your company profile, insights, reviews, and messages. Also, use this page to advertise with Google.

How to improve your Google search My Company profile

Google bases its local search ranking on the following three variables:

Relevance: How well a search matches your Google My Business listing

Distance: The separation between your location and the searcher or search

Popularity: How well-known is your company? (based on factors like links, number of reviews, review score, and SEO)

The following actions can be taken to increase your score across all three factors.

Fill up every section of your profile.

Customers are 2.7 times more likely to believe you if your Google Business Profile is full. that your business is trustworthy. Furthermore, they are 70% more likely to visit your location.

“Full and accurate information makes it simpler to match businesses with relevant searches,” according to Google. Your relevance score goes up as a result. In this circumstance, it is essential to inform Google users of “what you do, where you are, and when they can visit.”

Keep your business hours updated if they alter during special occasions or seasons

Establish your location (s)

“More likely to appear in local search results across Google products, like Maps and Search,” according to verified businesses. In addition, if you add a location that can be verified, your rating for the distance ranking factor goes up.

Go to to immediately request your verification postcard if you did not verify your location during the above account creation process.

Include genuine photos and videos of your company.

Your Google Business Profile comes with a cover image and a logo.

Utilize images that are similar to those that you use on your social media platforms in order to make it simpler for customers to recognize your company.

But don’t stop there. Add photographs and videos to emphasize your team, workplace, and location.

If you own a restaurant, share photos of your dishes, menus, and dining area.

Make sure they are high-resolution, professional, and pleasing.

Google claims that businesses with photographs get more inquiries for directions and more website clicks.

How to update or add photos to your Google profile

  1. On the left menu of the dashboard, select Photos.
  2. The cover photo and logo should be added first. You can add an image, select one from the Business Profile albums on your computer, or select a picture in which your business is mentioned.
  3. Click At Work or Team in the top menu of the photographs page to add more images.
  4. At the top of the pictures page, select the Video option to add videos.

In your profile, use keywords.

Relevance will increase with the use of appropriate keywords. Uncertain about where to begin? Consider using Keyword Planner or Google Trends.

Utilizing social media monitoring tools, Google Analytics, Hootsuite Insights, and other tools, you can find out what terms people are using to search for your business. Remember them for your business depiction such that feels normal. Using relevant keywords can hurt your search engine ranking.

Encourage feedback and provide answers

People have more faith in people than they do in businesses. A favorable review could be the deciding factor in whether or not potential customers choose you. Reviews also help your Google ranking.

The greatest moment to request a review is after giving a wonderful service.

To simplify things, Google offers a direct link where you may request reviews from clients.

To share the link to your review request:

1. From the dashboard, find the Share review form button by scrolling down.

2. You can paste the link into your auto responder, online receipts, or a note to customers.

You cannot disable reviews on your Google My Business page. Because customer reviews demonstrate to clients that your company is trustworthy, doing so would not be in your best interest.

You can, but, mark and report offensive reviews.

You could also, and you should! respond to both positive and negative comments. Responding businesses are regarded as 1.7 times more trustworthy. According to a Google and Ipsos Connect survey, then those who do not.

In accordance with your brand’s voice, respond. When responding to a negative review, be honest and, if necessary, apologize.

To see reviews and leave feedback, In the Business Profile Manager’s left menu, select the Reviews tab.

Update the information about your company.

Compared to businesses, people have more faith in individuals. A good review could make or break whether or not potential clients choose you. Your Google ranking is also improved by reviews.

You can also write postings on Google My Business to announce events, specials, and new product releases.

Editing your company’s information:

You can make changes to the dashboard at any time by going to In addition, you can immediately update your company’s information using Google Maps or Search. Enter your company’s name into one of these tools to access the editing panel.

To publish to Google My Business and distribute posts:

  1. Click Posts from the dashboard’s left menu.
  2. Then select Create post.
  3. Decide whether you want to publish a COVID-19 update, an offer, or information about what’s new. a post about a product or an event. Each kind of post requires a different set of details.

Add unique qualities and characteristics.

Depending on the category you’ve selected, Google business accounts have access to special capabilities.

The following is a list of available category-specific features:

  • Hotels can promote highlights, check-in and check-out timings, sustainability initiatives, class ratings, and amenities.
  • Menus, food photographs, and images of popular dishes can all be uploaded by pubs and restaurants.
  • Service-based companies may list their services on their website.
  • Health insurance details can be added by healthcare providers in the US.
  • Depending on their industry, businesses can select from a variety of buttons. such as buttons for booking appointments, reservations, and orders.

If you think your business is eligible for one of these features but don’t see one. It’s possible that you chose the wrong category. You can choose up to ten categories for your business.

To share additional details, you can also provide factual information in your profile. that would be interesting to your customers. You might want to mention your restaurant or store. that there is dining outside, free Wi-Fi, or wheelchair accessibility.

You can even mention that your business is LGBTQ+and run by women.

How to add or change a property:

  1. Click Info on the dashboard.
  2. Under “From the business,” select Add qualities. If you wish to add additional attributes, you can click the pencil next to From the business.
  3. Examine all of your company’s available options and confirm. That they are applicable, and click Apply after that.

Put your products here

If you sell products, be sure to include a current inventory in your business profile.

Your products might also show up on your profile in Google Shopping.

To include products in your company profile:

  • Go to Products in the dashboard’s left menu and select Get Started to add your first product.

Pointed can be used to upload your products to your Business Profile. if you retail in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, or Australia and sell products with manufacturer barcodes.

Utilise Google’s free marketing resources.

stickers included in a free Google marketing kit. Printable posters and social media posts are available to businesses. Unique videos are possible.

(Only after you create your business profile will the link function.)

How to use Hootsuite to manage your Google My Business profile

Hootsuite and your Google My Business account can only be linked once. Your Google Business Profile is created by you and verified.

With this, you can create posts, manage your Google My Business profile, and respond to reviews. Additionally, you should conduct inquiries through your Hootsuite dashboard rather than your Google Business Profile.

With this connection, your social team can manage Google like a social network, allowing consistency to be maintained. messages that remain constant and in line with the brand.

Use Hootsuite to manage your Google Business Profile in the following manner.

  1. Install the Google My Business App.
  2. Click Finish after selecting whether you want to add your Google Business Profile streams to an existing tab or start a new one.
  3. Click Login to Google My Business for each stream on the relevant Board in your Hootsuite dashboard under My Streams.

Once you are logged in, you can reply to comments and post from your Hoot suite streams. and queries made via Google My Business.

Hootsuite can be used to interact with your audience across all of your virtual entertainment stages. including your Google Business Profile. Get demographic data, performance analytics, and other information while posting to all networks, scheduling posts, and publishing them.

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