The best free hosting provider you can choose

What does Hosting mean?

The activity of housing, serving, and managing files for one or more. Web sites also known as hosting. The quick Internet connection is more crucial than the computer capacity allotted for Web site files.

Free Hosting

Well, the name itself gives it away! You often have to pay a firm to host your website since it needs a place to live on the internet. There are companies, still, who will host your website for free. This arrangement sometimes comes with a catch. Although you won’t be paying your host a monthly subscription, you will still have to put up with their adverts being displayed on your website. They use your blog or personal pages as an advertisement billboard to cover their fees.

But, given that free web hosting is shared web hosting, a compromise must be made. This indicates that your website shares server resources with other websites. Sites must be compact, use fewer features, and have low traffic if there is a shortage of available disc space and CPU cycles.

Pros of Free Website Hosting(adv)

Free website hosting offers some advantages:

  1. Cost-Free: It’s an excellent choice for those on a tight budget or experimenting with website creation without financial commitment.
  1. User-Friendly: Ideal for beginners, as it often comes with user-friendly website builders and pre-configured templates.
  1. Learning Opportunity: Allows newcomers to understand website management, design, and content creation without initial investment.
  1. Quick Setup: Getting started is easy and fast, as providers handle server setup and maintenance.

However, free hosting has limitations, including limited resources, ads on your site, lack of customization, and restricted support. It’s best suited for personal projects or small websites with minimal traffic, but not for business-critical or high-traffic sites.

Cons of Free Website Hosting (disad)

The drawbacks are limited but large. If you want to build a functional media or commercial website, free shared hosting won’t work for you. Shared resources mean that your server won’t have the power to keep things going well and it isn’t trustworthy enough.

Choose the paid shared plan at least because downtime is the devil of online commerce. You will get superior tech support, more tools for constructing your website, greater security, control, and performance. as much disc space as you need and free domains hosting. To sweeten the transaction, you might even receive a free domain name or other offers.

For Free Web Hosting

  1. Google

As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, Google doesn’t offer traditional free web hosting services for general websites. They provide Google Sites for creating simple web pages but not traditional web hosting with full customization. Please check Google’s current offerings, as they may have introduced new services or changes since then. You can own domain Or you can host your existing

  1. Web host

One of the most well-known free web hosting companies is 000webhost, powered by Hostinger.  You will receive a cPanel, a WordPress auto-installer, a website builder tool, etc.  with000webhost’s free hosting. The hosting platform supports PHP, MySQL, CSS, JavaScript, and other languages, and it also does not must the service provider to display intrusive advertisements (i.e.,Ad-free hosting). Additionally, 000webhost provides you with a secure service because its servers use cutting-edge firewalls with DDoS protection, guaranteeing the security of your website. You can use 000webhost’s free hosting for as long as you like, and if you want to access more features, you can upgrade to a paid plan.


  • 300 MB of Disk Space Ad-Free Hosting
  • One-Click Installation of PHP & MySQL Database Support in Full
  • Different Free Templates

Although you are not required to attach any payment mechanism (credit card, debit card, etc.) to access the free web hosting.  you can manage up to 2 active websites at once with the tool included in the cPanel with a 000webhost free hosting account.

  1. Wix

One of the top companies in the web development industry. Wix provides free website hosting also to many other advantages. The Tel Aviv, Israel-based company Wix was established in 2006 to provide. web development services. Users can also create webpages using the drag-and-drop interface. All your website’s content is kept on safe servers spread out across the world, providing . you with a dependable hosting solution . Since your site will be hosted as soon as it is launched, there is no need for any form of installation procedure.


  • 500 MB most storage
  • Drag and Drop Tools with a variety of Free Templates on
  • the Subdomain
  • Automatic Setup of
  • Advanced Security Monitoring
  1. Weebly

Along with the newest website templates and drag-and-drop capabilities. It offers a variety of hosting services. Additionally, has many built-in features that may be used without installing any more. software. like other free hosting systems, does have some feature restrictions. such as the need that you use the subdomain as your site’s URL and display adverts on your website.


  • 500 MB largest storage
  • Free SSL security
  • for the .com subdomain
  • Different Free Templates
  • Paid SEO

provides your website over the whole server network, enhancing its performance. has some premium hosting services also to the free hosting options. These premium plans are upgradeable so that you can remove advertisements, use a custom domain, have unlimited storage, etc.

  1. AwardSpace

One of the top free website hosts with cutting-edge server technologies is Award Space. The nicest thing about AwardSpace’s free hosting is that there is no advertising and you don’t have to put them on your website. open a free website hosting account, select one of the two CMS, and complete the installation process to get your website up and running with AwardSpace. AwardSpace also offers many paid hosting options, which you can choose between at any moment to enjoy the extra features.


  • 1 GB greatest storage
  • Three Free Subdomains and One Free Domain (with the extension
  • One-Click Installer for CMS (WordPress or Joomla)
  • Definitely Ad-
  • A free online file manager

A firewall is also activated in the hosting platform by AwardSpace to prevent any type of unwanted access, and the company. also provides an oddball hosting control panel that appears to be quite user- friendly.

  1. WordPress

The most popular platform for hosting free websites is WordPress. It was introduced in 2005 by Automattic, Inc. and offers users both free and paid options for web hosting services. WordPress provides you with a simple-to-use interface to host your website besides a large selection of free themes and many customization options. You may even monetize your website utilizing  their WordAds programme or affiliate links when using their free hosting package. Additionally, there is no time limit on how long you may use this free hosting plan.


  • 3GB greatest storage
  • Automatic Backups & Updates
  • Free Templates,
  • and Subdomain

Although the free hosting plan of WordPress will post their adverts on your site, you can upgrade to their paying plan at any moment. You can remove their adverts from your site and get more helpful features if you choose one of the paid plans.

  1. Infinityfree

For good reasons, Infinityfree is a well-known platform for providing free website hosting services. With InfinityFree web hosting. you get limitless bandwidth and storage space besides hosting an infinite number of domains. Although InfinityFree doesn’t provide domain registration services on its platform, you can even host your own custom domain. Free site hosting is also available for as long as you need; there are no time limits. It’s not necessary for you to add any unwanted advertisements on your website.


  • Unlimited Bandwidth & Disk Space
  • Free DNS Service
  • Free SSL
  • 400 MySQL Databases,
  • and No Ads Hosting
  1. FreeHostia

A popular web hosting platform with many cutting-edge features is FreeHostia. It is the most favored free web hosting platform because of its simple installation feature, ample disc space, and bandwidth.  A cPanel, an integrated script installer, load-balancing cluster technology, superior security, etc…. all provided by the platform Comparing the load-balanced cluster platform of Freehostia to traditional shared hosting settings, it is quicker.  Additionally, because FreeHostia has quick and dependable servers, the hosting service is more dependable.


  • Capacity of 250 MB
  • Five Hosted Domains
  • Different Free Templates
  • Site management tools are
  • Included in high-level security.

You can get a 24 hour support service from FreeHostia also to the 6GB of bandwidth. To access the advanced features, you can also change from their free hosting plans to premium plans at any moment.

These are a few of the top free web hosting services, so. Although free hosting has some drawbacks in the beginning. such as bandwidth and storage limits, intrusive adverts, etc..  you are advised to choose them. After some success, you can also upgrade to premium hosting. What are you waiting for? Create your internet presence right away!

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