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Take a peek inside our Wonderworld

Website development contains so any thing to get the website ready. From the designing and layout of the website, choosing the right platform and content writing and SEO.

After the Internet revolution, every company and person want to reach to its prospect customer as the internet is easy to access and use and most people spend their time surfing the internet.

To reach the prospect customers, having a Website is always a plus. Although the company and individuals can reach or make customers by social links. Having Website of a company is give a good impression in customer mind as it shows that the company is available on the web and easy to access and contact when required.

The way we do

We not just making a website we help in making relations. We make good long term relation with our client who needs a website and our client make good long term relationships with their customers.

Website Development always plays a major role. Website is a mirror of the company. Which describe about the company in details and work and scope of work and policies.

We always make it sure Home page is compelling. Explain what you do and how to do it, Give facts about your company so that others can believe. Make the website easy to access and navigate, Optimize each page with a specific keyword to help in ranking, craft good title and meta tags as required, using testimonial or past clients or client having right now.

We know all the company are not the same just like our all fingers are not the same. Each company is working in different and their needs are different as well. So we not believing in copy old website and paste the same for the new company. We made the customs website as per the requirement of a company to the company.

We doing/offer website development services in the following ways.



Hyper Text Markup Language

Making a small website is HTML is easy. Nowadays not only static websites are made in HTML even dynamic websites are working great. It totally depends on customer need if required we made website in HTML with the help of scripting (JavaScript, and DHTML) as well.


Word Press

An Application Programming Interface

WordPress is a content management system platform to make a website, it is very popular and the favourite of website developers and business owners these days and easy but very vast and getting lengthy day by day. There are so many plug-ins available for building and making website friendly on social websites internet.


E Commerce

Electronic commerce

We work with several open source and commercial platforms that allow you to have a virtual business with numerous features that will please a variety of your potential customers worldwide.

Online Store

Open Cart

Online Store Management System

Custom Web Development – The creation of custom functionality not available through plugins or add on modules as well as their execution that meets your business goals while adhering to World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) rules and guidelines.

Type of websites we make

Site Showcase

There are so many businesses who are running good but they are having their online presence. For them and for the new businesses as well this kind of website is good to show their presence online. A website usually contain 4-5 pages with the picture of their product and services they are dealing with. This kind of website is really helpful in the beginning to make trust with visitors.

Small Business Site

Small Business Website

A small business website is almost like the website showcase type, but in small scale website pages maybe 5-10 and it helps the small business to generate data from website through forms and inquires made by customer/visitors. This kind of website is really good to make new customers one by one generating through the website.

Corporate Website

Corporate Website

Corporate websites usually made for big companies and companies doing multitasking. A corporate website usually contains 10-50 pages depends on the work they are doing. A corporate website also using their website domain as a brand to promote, Which let the customer visit on their site to buy and book service they are offering.

Online store webiste

Online store (eCommerce)

Online store (eCommerce) website is for companies who are selling product and services online. Customer want to check and compare the product online before placing the order. It is easy for the customer to buy the product online if products is not available within the country or nearby store.