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Me and My Family fight with Covid

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My Family support in covid

These days the number of cases of corona increasing day by day. There is always a chance that a person going out for work or a person bringing daily food items can come in contact with the infected person.

The irony is that person who is infected with Corona not able to know that he is infected. Only a few persons come to know that he is got infected. He directly or indirectly spreading the coronavirus to his family and all others who are getting in touch with him.

Once a person is infected in the family there is always a chance that all family member get infected with covid-19.

As a responsible person, a person can take the test the test available within his locality. A person who is losing taste is surely having covid-19. Symptoms of Covid19 depend on person to person and body to body. A simple test we can do at home with coffee, make a cup of coffee without sugar, try to smell the coffee if you are not able to smell anything means you are having starting symptoms of covid. If possible take any one of the following tests to confirm the same to avoid spreading to others and family.


  1. Antibody or serology tests
  2. Rapid COVID-19 Antigen Test
  3. RTPCR test

The purpose of taking test is save our-self and family members and other people to avoid get infected. This the reason when me and my family get infected we confirm the same with the test so that we can take precautions and take extra care of our-self.

After getting infected with Covid-19, my brother and talk to doctor and took medicines as prescribed.

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